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Schadenfrau is an emergent interdisciplinary studio

dedicated to playful defiance.


Rachel Music founded the company after years of trying to follow the PR maze of "content women should make." Armed with formidabe experience and an insatiable lust for stories, she decided to redraw the entire map.


With a growing slate of sex-positive, award-winning short films and web series, Schadenfrau is a home for content as sharp as it is surprising.


We defy genres because fortune favors the bold. Don't let anyone tell you what to watch, what to listen to, what to binge and what to love; fear is so last century, and we're all practically cyborgs now. Who you are shouldn't dictate what you watch -- what you watch reveals who you are.


In the Church of Trouble, there are no gates, no boundaries, and no rules.


 Come play.

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