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Schadenfrau is an emergent interdisciplinary studio dedicated to playful defiance.


Kelli, the Trouble Woman, and Rachel, the Instagatrix, founded the company after years of trying to follow the PR maze of "content women should make." So, armed with formidable experience and an insatiable lust for stories, they decided to redraw the entire map.


With a slate spearheaded by Yes, Mistress - an irreverent workplace comedy set in an NYC dungeon - and spiked with sex-positive podcasts, incisive docu-series, zines, and more, Schadenfrau is a home for content as sharp as it is surprising. We defy genres because fortune favors the bold. Don't let anyone tell you what to watch, what to listen to, what to binge and what to love; fear is so last century, and we're all practically cyborgs now. Who you are shouldn't dictate what you watch -- what you watch reveals who you are.


In the Church of Trouble, there are no gates, no boundaries, and no rules. Come play with us.

Kelli Reilly
Director, Producer, Artist

Most recently, Kelli Reilly Associate Produced the award-winning documentary, Larger Than Life: The Kevyn Aucoin Story (The Orchard) which The LA Times called “ a rich deeply dimensional documentary.” 


Her journey as a producer began after graduating NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, working with NYC based company, Vinyl Foote Productions, where she worked on the shorts films Sunburn starring Jack Falahee, Jack & Paul, and the award-winning feature film, Fall To Rise, starring legendary dancer, Desmond Richardson, which Robert Redford called “a heart-filling drama.” 


Next, Kelli moved effortlessly into branded content, corporate communications, experiential engagement & events, and social media content producing over 200 spots which garnered her a Golden Marcom Award and 2 Golden Stevie Awards.  She continues to work with Vinyl Foote Productions as the Director of Development and has branched out into visual arts, design, and the literary arts with, Schadenfrau


When she's not causing trouble at Schadenfrau, she is writing her first tv series Zero Dark Forty, co-directing and producing Ryan Blewett's Max Dynamite!, starring Power Rangers Peter Sudarso & Amazon Studios The Romanoff's Emily Rudd, as well as producing the feature film, The Prince of Soho for Vinyl Foote Productions.   

Rachel Music
Writer, Producer

Originally from central Pennsylvania, Rachel cut her teeth in regional theatre, spelling bees, and making burritos. While at NYU, she swore off burritos, corrected everyone's spelling, and did some more acting.


After playing Queen Elizabeth I, Hitler, and Ronald Reagan in one show, Rachel decided she would never possibly have that much fun as an actor ever again, and pivoted (she has technically never stopped pivoting). 


She was a founding member and songwriter with Liz Swados ’ controversial musical revue, Guns: A Cabaret. Her first produced play was Last Exit No Toll, an eerie and brutal dramedy that sold out the historic Kraine Theatre with a riveting cast of nine women. Her work has since premiered all over, ranging from dystopic satire to speculative cosmic horror to Hiding in Sanity: A Tragicomedy. The last, a psychological drama set in Arkham Asylum, was written in Pipeline Theatre Company's PlayLab Residency. She's published in NYU's expository writing anthology, and her short-lived jazz-punk band Oh! Mega! was lauded by Atlantic Records as "smooth, sultry, and undoubtedly talented.” 

Fresh off a two-year stint in one of NYC's premiere brand consultancy firms, her gift for hybridizing disparate art forms has made her a formidable force. As Kittyhawk Boone, she performs burlesque, vaudeville, and circus arts. 

She's still a total dick about spelling errors. 

Bushwick, Brooklyn