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Rachel Music



Originally from central Pennsylvania, Rachel cut her teeth in regional theatre, spelling bees, and making burritos. While at NYU, she swore off burritos, corrected everyone's spelling, and did some more acting.


After playing Queen Elizabeth I, Hitler, and Ronald Reagan in one show, Rachel decided she would never possibly have that much fun as an actor ever again, and pivoted (she has technically never stopped pivoting). 


She was a founding member and songwriter with Liz Swados ’ controversial musical revue, Guns: A Cabaret. Her first produced play was Last Exit No Toll, an eerie and brutal dramedy that sold out the historic Kraine Theatre with a riveting cast of nine women. Her work has since premiered all over, ranging from dystopic satire to speculative cosmic horror to Hiding in Sanity: A Tragicomedy. The last, a psychological drama set in Arkham Asylum, was written in Pipeline Theatre Company's PlayLab Residency. She's published in NYU's expository writing anthology, and her short-lived jazz-punk band Oh! Mega! was lauded by Atlantic Records as "smooth, sultry, and undoubtedly talented.” 

Fresh off a two-year stint in one of NYC's premiere brand consultancy firms, her gift for hybridizing disparate art forms has made her a formidable force. As Kittyhawk Boone, she performs burlesque, vaudeville, and circus arts. 

She's still a total dick about spelling errors. 

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