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Blue Smoke



Written and Produced by Rachel Music
Directed, Produced, and Edited by Anthony Misiano 

Schadenfrau’s flagship production is this award-winning short about Wendy’s first day at Tartarus, a down-on-its-heels dungeon in New York City. Based on Rachel’s experience as a Dominatrix and teeming with madcap performances, “Wendy/Gigi” has titillated, mortified, and scandalized audiences from Coney Island to Berlin with its dauntless balance of cartoon logic, potty humor, and heart.


In the basement of the Department of Defense, one underachieving surveillance team witnesses the decline of Western Civilization, one hacked webcam at a time. 

Watch on TikTok or view full season here.

Blue Smoke

How Do They Bone?

To date, Schadenfrau’s favorite child (no no no I love you all equally) is their highly irreverent, surprisingly illuminating talk show.

How Do They Bone?
Marvel Cinematic Universe [pt 2] | How Do They Bone?
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How Do They Bone? | Marvel Cinematic Universe
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2020 Democratic Candidates | How Do They Bone?
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Video Game Publishers | How Do They Bone?
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Stormy Under the Cover Up

Banking on Rachel’s history as a sex-industry advocate and filmmaker, STORMY: UNDER THE COVER-UP ads aired in purple district PornHub ads leading up to the 2020 election. While the full-length parody porno would never go into production (though we aren’t giving up hope!), the probability lent an added bonus for Schadenfrau’s client, the Democratic PAC Red, White, and Definitely Blue.
Rachel Music | STORMY Interview
STORMY | Under The Cover Up | Trailer